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Personal Injury Solicitors

At Kearney Roche & McGuinn we specialise in Personal Injury matters. With over 40 years of experience in dealing with all types of personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work and in public places our record of successful injury claims speaks for itself.

Being involved in an accident is traumatic and potentially very costly. When a person has suffered an injury through no fault of their own, they are often entitled to compensation for injuries sustained, for loss of earnings and for pain and suffering. We endeavor to help recoup the expenses that they may have incurred and compensation that they may be entitled to as a consequence of the accident.

The majority of personal Injury claims must first be submitted through the Injuries Board. Our team will assist clients in making that claim and advise them throughout the process. Once a decision is reached by the Injuries Board, Kearney Roche & McGuinn can advise on whether or not to accept the award and on the alternative options available.

Should it become necessary and under the instruction of our client, we will prosecute the injury claim further; initiating Court proceedings and representing clients in Court with a view to obtaining the highest award possible through settlement, mediation or judgment of the Courts.

The majority of personal injury claims must be brought within two years of the accident so contacting a Solicitor as early as possible is imperative.

If you think that you are entitled to compensations for an injury or loss sustained as a result of a traffic accident, an accident in a public place or at work, please contact our team today.

**In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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